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“I have known Hilda for more than 20 years. I have always known her to be ethical, honest, knowledgeable and helpful to her clients. She and her team bend over backwards to get your mortgage through all the hoops to a productive, satisfactory completion. I recommend my friends and clients to her for all of their mortgage needs.”

– Lisa E. Seran Certified Financial Planner | Napa

“I love Hilda’s warm, sincere and direct personality. She comes straight to the point and is super responsive. When it was time to refinance, she made it clear when it was the right time, and when it wasn’t the right time. Someone else could have pushed, no matter what, but she was looking after our long-term best interest. I am committed to her now. If we have another need, I am sure I will go back to Hilda.”

– Marco Gressi Napa Valley Winemaker

“Hilda is approachable, warm, friendly and professional. She listens to what you need, takes your information, finds the best options, gives you all the arguments for and against and then communicates her best advice. She is efficient, easy to talk to and always available.

“I went from a 30-year to 15-year home mortgage, and she
secured an outstanding rate. The entire process was accomplished by her
competent team in three weeks. When I went to my bank to obtain a cashier’s
check for the closing, the teller called over the manager to talk with me about
refinancing. His first question was, ‘What is your closing rate?’ I told him and he
immediately stated, ‘We can’t beat that.’ I will refer all my friends and
colleagues to her.”

– Joseph M. Carrillo, M.D. Napa Valley Pediatrician

“I have known Hilda personally for more than 25 years. She has balanced a family while building a successful career in mortgage banking. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Napa real estate market, having grown up in the area, put kids through local schools, and having helped thousands of locals purchase homes and obtain mortgages.

“She is highly qualified and extremely skilled in explaining the intricacies of mortgage rates and how to structure loan details. Her involvement in my mortgage process resulted in a relatively simple process: I was told what we would need and when we would need it. Her staff, at her direction, manages multiple loans with efficiency and accuracy.

“I would highly recommend Hilda for all loan types and will use her for all of our future needs and transactions.”

– Patrick Merkley, CEO of Navigate Global Holdings | Napa

“Hilda is super personable, such a nice person, quick and responsive, who communicates in multiple ways. At 9:00 at night she texts me back right away. I enjoy talking with her because you can tell she values and cares about me.

“She was referred to me by people in the industry who I respect and admire. She found us a lower interest rate than anyone else and she helped us feel like we were making an educated decision. Her team is so fast, so quick, that we didn’t have to wait or worry about deadlines. She is fast and honest.”

– Lynette Lawrence Mental Health Administrator | Napa

“Hilda is great, she takes the time to explain the whole mortgage process to her clients so they understand what is to be expected of them and of the process right at the beginning. She is always searching for ways to improve the experience for clients. She is always available I’ve never had a hard time getting a hold of her. I honestly say I love working with as a Realtor in the Napa Valley, I can’t recommend her enough as one of my allied partners in helping home buyers achieve their dreams.”

– Giselle L. Napa CA

“The staff at Benchmark Mortgage were very helpful when we purchased our home from the Owner in October 2015. We did not have a realtor working with us so it was a little confusing with all the new requirements for loans. Hilda and Kelly helped us through this process with patience and answered clearly every one of our questions. The entire Staff is friendly and approachable I will continue to and have recommended them to others. They are a wonderful Team. Thank you for making this process less confusing and for your exceptional service.”

– Kelly S.

“My husband and I wanted to start the home buying process and we weren’t sure where to begin. Once we met with Hilda she gave us the steps and tools to start the process. With the guidance and advice from Hilda we were able to make our dream of buying a home a reality. The team at Benchmark truly made our home buying process easy and quick. Hilda and her team were extremely knowledgable, consistent and friendly. I would highly recommend Hilda and the Benchmark team for all home buying needs.”

– Michele S.B.

“If you’re looking to buy a home or re-finance your current home this is THE place to GO!!!! The best people and the best experience. If these people can’t help you nobody can!!!! We highly recommend them again and again!!!!”

– Ashley C.

“I am so grateful I had this awesome group of professionals to help me navigate the financing of my new home. It was clear from day one that they operate with a great deal of integrity, and when circumstances weren’t exactly right for me a year ago, they were honest and realistic about my options. It’s ethical people like Hilda, Tracy, Kelly, and Anna who make our community a better place to live and do business. Thank you!!!”

– Amy W.

“Hilda and the entire benchmark team are great! They were extremely helpful, efficient, and knowledgable.  I would use them again and will be recommending to anyone I know in the house market. Thanks Hilda and team.”

– Angelica R.

“Hilda and her team got our refi done fast and at a great rate.  They were always quick to answer the phone and our dozens of emails.  I would recommend them to anyone!  Well done Benchmark!”

– Joe E.

“Hilda came highly recommended and she did not disappoint! Hilda and the Benchmark team went above and beyond to make my home buying dream a reality. I couldn’t have done it without their support and exceptional service. Thank you again!!!”

– Tiffany M.

“Top notch.  I have worked with Hilda on literally HUNDREDS of transactions as a colleague and client.  She and her team are exceptional–a perfect balance of professional, knowledgeable and friendly.  I have referred her to friends, colleagues, cousins and even grandma, without hesitation.
In the often unpredictable world of lending, when she has said it is a “go”, it has always been a successful transaction with the results at or ABOVE what was presented by Hilda.”

– Kimberly M.


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