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Mortgage Points

During the mortgage application process, you’re likely to be asked whether you want to pay mortgage points. Typically, few people know what points are or how they work. And, unfortunately, many people inherently believe that points are bad. (Hint: They’re not.) Read More.

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5 Reasons to Refinance Your Mortgage

If you’ve had a mortgage for any length of time, you may have thought about refinancing it. After all, the TV and internet commercials touting the benefits of doing a mortgage refinance are plentiful. They claim you can do everything from save money and pay off your mortgage faster to use the equity in your …

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Your Mortgage Application Checklist

Before you apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to gather many different documents to complete your mortgage application. The better prepared you are before you meet with your lender, the less stressful the mortgage application process will be. Here is a handy checklist of the most common documents you’ll need to have ready. Read More.

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Fast Track your Mortgage Approval

Many people think getting a mortgage approval is a difficult and stressful process. Since a mortgage is often the biggest financial obligation someone has, it’s no wonder qualifying for one requires some work. Between the mounds of paperwork and the waiting time involved as approvals are processed, it’s normal to feel anxious and stressed. However, …

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Top 10 Mortgage Questions Answered

Since most people apply for a mortgage only a few times in their life, it’s natural that they have many questions about how the process works. After all, when you don’t do something every day (or even every year), it’s difficult to know exactly all the steps involved and all the nuances of the mortgage …

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Setting the Benchmark

We set the Benchmark by our dedication to our five core values. These values extend beyond mere talking points; they are our way of life.   Relationships  In the mortgage business, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of each individual loan. With Benchmark, it is never only about the transaction. We keep the focus on …

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